Friday, September 19

Friday 5

Today I learned some news that made me stop in my tracks and to be thankful for what I have. It made me want to hug and kiss everyone a little more.  And to that, I decide to start showing more gratitude, to be thankful for the little things. The little things that keep me going... and so with that I present to you Friday 5.

1) I am thankful that ERP is a "mama's boy". That nothing calms him like being picked up by his mama. I don't even need to "whip out a boob"; he is happy with just be being present. I love that about him. That and his addictive little smiles.

2) I am grateful to be sitting by a warm crackling fire on a chilly September night. Nothing like coming home from work to a nice and toast house. 

3) I am loved and love, the builder of that fire. Love is important.

4) I am thrilled that TT now wants to read his stories and nurse in his bed. The rocking chair served us well all those years, but he liked me to pick him up and swing him onto his bed when we were done. He was getting a bit too heavy for that.

5) I am thankful and lucky to have such an awesome eldest son. A boy who is the moon and stars to his little brothers. A 10 year old who has a baby bouncy seat in his room for when his baby brother sits with him, and laughs when his three year old brother barges in on him while he's on the phone.


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