Sunday, August 11

Beach Time

I have had itch lately.  A beach itch.  And not the kind that can be scratched by going to the town beach, which while nice and homey and family orientated; it is still a little patch of sand on the shore of a little lake.  I wanted the smell of sunscreen, seagulls, ships sailing off the horizon, jumping way and smelling salt filled air.  It's been a long time since I have been to the beach ocean, a good 5 or so years.  Too long.

On Wednesday night I told Husband that we needed to make a run for it this weekend, down to Misquamicut (a beach in Rhode Island for all of my readers not from New England).  I used to go to the beach every summer with my friends, their parents took us.  We always left early in the morning, lunched on the beach, jumped the waves and then drove go-karts before heading home.  (OK, I watched them drive the go-karts, those things scared the shit out of me.) To this day, that is how I see the ideal beach day.

And that is exactly what we got today.  We left around 7:30am and got the the beach for 9:30am.  We got the perfect parking spot and the ideal patch of our own on the beach; long before it got crowded.  We played in the water (TT loves the ocean and I wish his floaty was had a leash; to save our backs from bending over so much.)  Husband taught RR how to body surf.  We played in the sand and made sand castles.  We ate lunch on the beach.  The boys played on the playground (a nice addition from the last time I went I must say).

Around 1pm we got showered and dressed and headed down to the go-karts.  RR feels about them the same way I do... so we did the bumper boats instead (sorry, no pictures of these we didn't want to loose the camera in the pool).  The boys played some mini-golf, with some help from us.

Next up the the arcade and the merry-go-round; followed by ice cream and some small souvenirs - a pirate get-up for RR and a toy boat for TT.

We were home by 6pm... we would have been home sooner, but as anyone can tell you the Mass Pike SUCKS for traffic on a Sunday in the summer.

The weather was perfect.  The boys so well behaved.  The beach was clean and we left before it was too crowded.  Ahhh.... so relaxing.  I would go back tomorrow if I could (OK, if I didn't have to drive it again.)

Heading out - breakfast on the road.

It really was that cool when we left our house this morning.

Checking out the water.

This is about when I realized TT was really slippery with all that sunscreen on.  

The floaty has the perfect handle.


Cheese smile!

I told you the beach was empty.

Daddy's turn.

Such a good big brother.


He is the king of cheesy smiles.  


Can you say "sandy pants"?

The chocolate nose is from eating ONE chocolate chip cookie.  

Checkin' out the boat.

First time mini-golfing.

RR got a hole in one right before this.  He was so excited.


He was hoping they would have rings like on Martha's Vineyard... no such luck.

RR insisted on this picture. He was in heaven - a rootbeer float AND an ice cream sandwich.

The pirate mask.

Oh and I almost forgot - my favorite part of the day - RR and TT were on the playscape and getting ready to go down a very tall and steep slide when TT started freaking out.  RR turned around to apologize to the kids in line behind him and the boy right next to him says "Not a problem man, I'm a big brother too I know how it goes.  This guy here (points to his kid brother) was the same way."  They then started talking about being big brothers while Husband rescued TT.


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