Monday, August 19


It's that time of year again - back to school time.  My Facebook status feed is filled with back to school photos (we go back next Wednesday - I hate them going back before Labor Day, but that's a rant for another time) and the woos and joys of back to school shopping.

I am amazed by some of the things my friends have had to buy their darling little ones for back to school - like deodorant to bring to the classroom.  How is pit stick a back to school supply?

I feel for those who are weighted down with long lists of what to buy and my heart breaks for those that don't have money to buy the supplies they are told their child needs for schools.  Yes, I am that person that when asked to make a donation of a back to school item at the register always says "yes".

I am spoiled.  Apparently one of the perks of living in my town is that there are no back to school supplies to buy.  And yes, he goes to public school.  I have no concerns over colored pencils and how many three-ring-binders my boy needs.

Instead of fear and loathing and making midnight runs to Staples and WalMart for the "essentials" I can stock up on markers and pens as stocking stuffers in August.

Now I realize that some people consider clothes and backpack buying as part of "back to school" shopping and in that sense we do have to do some of that.  Backpack - check - ordered on-line from LL Bean, but since it was a replacement for an LL Bean one he broke it was no cost (in the end) to me.  Clothes - he gets 3 new shirts every year.  Once for each day of the week for the first week.  I don't bother with pants; he'll wear shorts till Halloween and I don't bother with winter clothes till it gets cold, he's going to grow between now and then anyway.  Shoe shopping needs to be done twice a year at least; so we'll get some now while they are on sale.  See I've got it covered.

Easy peasey lemon squeezy.

Sorry fellow moms.... don't let those lists weigh you down.


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