Saturday, August 10

Camp - The 2013 Edition

RR came home from overnight camp a few days ago.... here's a few exerts from his trip.

"It was a total bacon-fest.  Seriously, I had at least 15 pieces of bacon for breakfast.  Not one, but for two days."

"I only took one shower, but it was a great shower. I got it nice and steamy and then brought in a chair and just sat there in the shower."

"for sure, I am ready for a BB Gun."

"BB guns are better than bow and arrows, because they have scopes."

"I didn't get stung once, but twice.  Twice on my back. The bee was stuck in my shirt."  
Thank you camp for figuring out for me that he is NOT allergic to bee stings.

"This year when I feel out of the tent the bed fell on top of me."

"and the bathrooms, they really smelled this year.  They need some air freshener."

"and they made macaroni and cheese hamburgers.  It was really nasty."

"get it, get it Mom... pass the gas" proceeds to laugh uncontrollably

"and I missed you so much"

"I had marshmallows every night."

"campfires are good, but they last too long."

"see I told you I had to come home for a half week... look how much it's raining"

Wondering how camp was last year - you can check it out here.  Camp 2012


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