Wednesday, August 8

Excerpts from Camp

Here are a few details about camp, straight from the boy's mouth:

"and one morning we had bacon AND sausage.  Three of each."

"Three leaves let it be.  Unless of course it's a clover.  Those are OK."

"Yesterday for lunch we had chicken potpies.  It was gross it had crunchy macaroni and mayonnaise in it."

"I rolled right out of my sleeping bag, off the bed and fell out the side of the tent.  I bumped my knee and got a face full of dirt."  Ouch!

"I'm a swimmer.  There are three levels: non-swimmer, beginner and swimmer.  Can you believe it, I'm a swimmer?"  Apparently the lessons at the Y are paying off better than I thought.

"and I climbed the climbing wall.  Without a helmet."  Really(?), this doesn't sound very scout like.

"I got my whittling badge.  When can I get a pocket knife?"

"The showers were so cool.  The Weblos pulled them down and it was like running around in an indoor sprinkler."  

"Can you believe it?  I got a bulls-eye.  Now you know I am ready for a BB gun."

"And they sold liquorice.  Four pieces for 25 cents."  I can only imagine how many pieces he got.

"I had to face my fears when we learned about spiders."

"You can't ride my little red wagon.  The front wheels brokin' and the axel's draggin'"  This is a song which apparently you sing over and over again, louder each time.  

"Mom you'll be mad, but I chanted with everyone else: we want food, we want food."

"and they had peanut-butter with out peanuts."
Me: "You mean they had creamy, not chunky?"
"No, it was peanut free peanut-butter."  Um, OK.  

"I made a fire with two Weblos.  All of the other kids where just goofing around.  Kids these days, they didn't want to learn anything."

"Last night I slept in my clothes.  Undies, socks, CSI shirt and my uniform shirt.  I had my backpack on and didn't sleep in my sleeping bag.  I wanted to be ready for when you came to get me.  I hate it when things aren't in order and ready."  Ahhh.... love you too kiddo.

"Next year I need to go for a full week."


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