Saturday, August 4

Checking the List

I'm checking the list and checking it twice; and no I'm not Santa.

Tomorrow the big boy leaves for camp.  Overnight camp.  Four days and three nights.  Good thing he isn't going for a whole week otherwise.... otherwise I have no idea what I would be packing his gear in.

uniform - check
4 pairs of shorts - check
4 pairs of under clothes - check
4 shirts - check
jeans - um, no... it's going to be in the high 90s
sweatshirt - check (just in case)
raincoat - check
pencil and pad - check
camera - check (disposable - I'm not that silly)
towels - in the dryer, so almost check
bathing suit and water shoes - wearing
first aide kit, flashlight, toothbrush, cup, soap, shampoo, bug spray (non-aerosol), sunscreen, toothpaste - check, check, check and more checks
watch - um no, he would lose it
pocket knife - um no, he's 8 and clumsy
spending money - oh, I suppose
"old sneakers"  - check, does he have any that aren't old?
sleeping bag, blanket and pillow - triple check

So basically everything expect the kitchen sink.  He's not allowed to bring guns, ammunition, drugs, alcohol, cell phones, pets, fireworks, or "inappropriate reading material".  Dammit, I was going to try and pack his cat and send him with a fifth of JD and a copy of Hustler.  Ha... I know, I am so so funny.

Wish us luck tomorrow... hopefully I won't forget the towels.


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