Wednesday, August 22

Bed Boy

I'm sure you've seen it, mom and dad walking along pushing baby in the stroller.  Baby is snoozing happily, and mom and dad are free to talk, shop and even get a cup of coffee; almost as if baby wasn't here.

You've heard the stories from other parents and you've probably even told the story yourself "baby wouldn't sleep unless they were in the car."

Or you're a family bed type of family, and baby will happily nestle down curled in your arm and sleep away.

Even perhaps you've had the baby who wouldn't sleep unless they were being held.

And we've all heard the funny stories about the baby that feel asleep in their dinner, or on the couch, or curled up next to the dog on the floor.

But did you know there is another type of baby, er toddler, out there.  The "I will sleep in my bed and only in my bed" baby.  Meet TT, he is that baby, er toddler.  Yes, I suppose at 18 months of age he is officially a toddler.  

TT will not sleep in the stroller.  Husband and I have gone to great lengths, walking over an hour, in hopes he would fall asleep.

Sleeping in the car is a rare occurrence for him.  We can leave a place simply because he is overtired and proceed to drive an hour, and he will not fall asleep.  Up until he was about 9 months old he hated riding in the car.  Riding in the car used to a traumatizing experience, for all of us.  He still really doesn't sleep in the car, but at least he doesn't cry the whole time still.

Bringing him into bed with us is an invitation to have a party.  I miss the days I could nurse him and he would drift back off to sleep.  Take this morning for instance, he woke at 5:15 hungry, so I brought him into our bed where he nursed a little and played a lot.  So I took him back into his room, nursed him in the rocking chair and put him back in his crib; where he promptly fell asleep.  Little bugger.

Back in the day (because you know he's getting so old), Husband used to put him in the carrier and TT would sleep soundly during Mass.  That is so not happening anymore.  Taking TT to Mass is like wrestling a greased pig.

He is so not the kid that will fall asleep anywhere.  He likes, insists rather, in sleeping in his bed, thank you very much.  Which is good in a sense, but the rigidity of this habit does wear a little thin.  But hey, at least he's sleeping.  Right?


Sue said...

This coming from the baby girl that would only sleep in her stroller or car seat. Ironic, isn't it?

Jess said...

I hear ya, Adam only sleeps in his crib or pack n play in a quiet dark place

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