Wednesday, August 15

18 Months

TT is 18 months old today.  He celebrated by giving himself a yogurt facial.

Yes, we had McD's yogurt for dinner; because you know when you need to grab a quick side to go with your tuna sandwiches and it's thundering and lightening going to the drive through with both boys is better than running into the grocery store and praying you don't get rained on.

And yes, TT had two of them.  Daddy left him have his, because this mom forgot that TT doesn't like tuna.  Yup, he doesn't like tuna; bringing the list of things he won't eat to a whopping THREE - tuna, string beans and those puff things.

At 18 months he is wearing a size 2T and a 7 wide shoe; when he wears disposable diapers he's into a size 5.  In a few weeks we'll find out how big he is at his check-up.

TT loves playing with his Duplo blocks, and Big Brother's little Legos when he can get his hands on them.  He totally adores his big brother.

In Big Brother's playroom playing Legos.  This is a super treat for TT.  
When I call for RR to come down for dinner, TT will come over and help me.  He loves screaming up the stairs "Ayyyy-Ayyy", then he stomps his foot and shrieks in delight.

Lately he's been saying a new word a day.  He doesn't often say that word more than once, but he sure is saying them.  Keem-keys (cream cheese) and boom-booms (boobies, for nursing -  why, yes we've made it 18 months nursing) are two of my favorites.

Ah.... to be 18 months... life is so carefree.... especially when all you want to do is eat, sleep and play, not necessarily in that order.

Just born TT.

6 month old TT.

1 year old TT.


Charlotte Jean said...

He's looking so grown up! Adorable pictures!

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