Tuesday, August 28

Really Cool

Since I have been "on call" for Federal Jury Duty all summer long, we really weren't able to plan a vacation as we didn't know what my jury duty status was going to be week to week.  So when I got the message last week that my term of service had come to and end a week early we jumped at the chance to take a long weekend before RR went back to school.

As part of our long weekend on Monday we went to the Connecticut Science Center.  I had heard good reviews from a co-worker (who enjoyed it so much he got his family a season pass) and the "Dinosaur's Unearthed" exhibit was scheduled to depart on Sept 2nd.

We arrived and got excellent parking just before they opened.  It was $52 for the four of us for the day ($19 per adult, $14 for RR and TT was free) and it was so worth it.  We were there for a little over 5 hours, and started the exhibits (after visiting the Kid Space, right at the entrance) from top to bottom, pausing about mid way through for a light lunch (which was mediocre and over priced for what it was, but really we didn't go for the cuisine; in the future we'll probably bring our own).  The kids had a blast, we had a blast; and in my book any place that amuses, entertains and engages both boys (with their 7 year age gap) is a double thumbs up.

All suited up and ready to play in the water.

Oh yeah, TT heaven.  Water and balls.

RR, you can tell he's thinking - his tongue is sticking out.  

"I got this covered Mommy"

"Where are all the balls going?"

"Ohhhh... brother get me more."

Yup, it was wet.

It's a dirty trick, you can't get the balls out of the ramp (except at the bottom).

Building a rocket ship.

All built.

In the hurricane simulator.    The guys loved it.

Me... not so much.  Too claustrophobic   

It's a FROG!!

Trying to build a dam.


Checking our family's biological footprint.

Hanging out on the roof top garden.


Playing mind-bend.  

Caught you!!!

Skiing is not going to be his sport.

Wheels!!  These are almost as exciting as balls.

Building with Legos.

Building a race car.  

Someone is getting sleepy.


They moved and made noises.  

Looking for bones.

Archaeologist - Ray's new profession of choice.  

Square wheel racers.

A new twist on basketball.

DJs RR and TT.

Play it RR!!

Dancing baby.

Light wall.

More dancing.

Collecting his brother - time to go.

"But I just want to play!!"


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