Tuesday, August 14

Butt Fluff Review: The Fluffy Elephant

As you know I love buying homemade cloth diapers.  They are like an addiction of mine.  So when I saw a friend's son sporting an embroidered Elmo diaper I just had to have one for my little Elmo fan.

I ordered TT's diaper from the same place as my friend, from Elizabeth at The Fluffy Elephant.  I opted for an AI2 (all in two) style with a single liner and a narrow fit between the legs.  My order was filled quickly and was at my house in the blink of an eye, and I couldn't be any happier.  The fit and absorbency is perfect.

However, I do have to say that I occasionally have an issue with some of the snaps.  Maybe it's something I do, because I've had this issue with other mom-made diapers before.

My order total was $21, plus shipping.  A total steal in my opinion for such a great diaper.  Seriously, I am not trying to fluff up The Fluffy Elephant, this is a really well made diaper.  Sorry about the pun, but I just had too.  The sewing is first class.  TT has already worn this diaper a dozen times and it is standing up very well to all the wear and wash.  

Would I buy from here again?  Totally.  Now to decide which way to cute creation to order next.  

Check out the goods yourself: 

Edited to add I understand the snap issue may be caused by how they are installed, when diapers are made at home.  There is another piece of equipment that can be used to apply them, but it's pretty pricey.  


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