Friday, August 10

Project food Budget (Week 45)

Ah.... another week of me not keeping a running total of what we spent on groceries, but really it couldn't have been much, I picked up meat for $20 and a fruit/veggies run for maybe another $10.  RR was gone for the first half of the week at camp - and I am happy to report Husband and I managed to eat at home without him.  If you recall last week was a mess because he wasn't home and had no idea what to cook or desire to cook for two (and a quarter).

Meals this week:
Sunday - ham wraps, pickles and coleslaw
Monday - cube steaks, pan fried potatoes and onions, carrots
Tuesday - hot dogs and corn on the cob
Wednesday - pork roast (thank you crock pot), stuffing and veggies
Thursday - meatless pasta and salad
Friday - beef stew and salad

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