Thursday, August 23

Project Food Budget (Week ???)

I have totally lost track as to what week this project is in 46 or 47 maybe???

This week I spent around $50 spread over two small shopping trips.  I am so ready for school to start again, even if that means I need to spend an extra $15 a week on school lunches and snack milk; it'll be worth it to get back into my routine of weekly shopping.  I have no idea how my parents managed to be so dedicated to grocery shopping once a week on the same day of the week all year long as I was growing up.  Maybe it's because they had way more kids than I have.

So here it is Thursday and I can't recall what we had for dinner this week, and I had a plan (but not written down).  Last night was suppose to be an easy evening of sandwiches and fruit, following a medical appointment Husband had.  That ended up not playing out because some jerk stole our stroller - whole other blog post on that to follow.  Tonight is BBQ pork-loaf, and tomorrow we're going to Red Robin *YUM!*.


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