Saturday, August 3

Unexpected Adventure

This morning we headed out for our bi-weekly trip to the library.  On the way out Husband asked me if I was going to see if the library had the Eric Carle Museum (ECM) pass on hand.

Side note; in case you didn't know, many libraries lend out passes to local museums and parks just as they lend out books.  Some are free admissions (like the ECM was) others offer reduced admission, free parking, etc.  These are a great free resource for any family.

Ok, back to the story.  At first I told Husband I wasn't going to ask.  We had to get RR packed for camp today and tomorrow we had to drop him off at camp; I felt there was no way we could sneak in an extra trip.

We spent a good deal of time at the library and the boys were bother behaving so well and getting along.  It must have been the euphoria of the whole experience because at check-out I asked about the ECM passes and they were in.  I was shocked!!!  They haven't been in the last two times I have asked.

I asked Husband if he thought we should go home and go to the museum later in the afternoon, but as he explained we were almost halfway there already we might as go.  So we did.  No diapers, no bids, no wipes, no sippy cups.... really no nothing.

At least I had my phone to get some photos.  They don't alone pictures in the gallery so all photos are from the hallways, library area; and drawing room.

They had a Mo Willems exhibit when we went.

Note to Santa, please get TT a doll house or toy barn.

After the museum we took the boys over to get some ice cream at a local farm, bakery, etc kind of place.  And as our luck of the day would have it they were having some sort of children's festival - complete with games, cookie decorating and a magician.  Both boys won prizes and won free apples.

What a morning.  We were home a little after 1pm with two very happy and tired little boys.


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