Wednesday, January 8

1 Month

My littlest man turned 1 month old the other day.  I can't believe it.

He is just the sweetest little guy around.  Sure I am a little partial, but really he is an easy going baby.  Maybe this has something to do with him being baby #3 and I am just that much more relaxed, but he's just been such a joy. I can tell when we are going through a growth spurt and I can just roll with the constant needing to nurse and be held.

This first month saw our first trip to the ER.  Gene was all stuffed up, as most babies are and his big brothers were sick.  I was worried about his breathing, called his ped's office, the after hours nurse listened to him over the phone and told us to go the the ER.  Thankfully his O2 levels were fine and we were home quickly.
ERP has met so many new people, not that he would remember any of them - and there are still tons of people waiting to meet him.  I love showing off my baby, except when he's sleeping - then you need to wait to hold him.

Speaking of sleep; for the most part, ERP is excellent at night.  He is waking about 2 times a night, which this mama is also loving.

Lots of loving in this post - I think I am in some sort of honeymoon phase with my little one.

ERP is breastfed all the way.  He's had a couple bottles of my milk from Husband or RR, but he doesn't do so well with them (lots of dribble and air getting sucked in).

He graduated out of preemie and newborn size diapers, but I must say not all size 1 diapers are created equal, some are much bigger than others.  Either way we are getting closer and closer to using the cloth diapers with him (I am guessing he's a little over 8 lbs. now).  He is still wearing newborn size onesies and clothes, but some of his 0-3 outfits are fitting better, again not all 0-3 size clothes are created equal and some outfits just swim on him.

Not only does he have me and Husband wrapped around his little finger, he also has his brothers.  The Big Boys are incredibly good with him.  TT is the first to go running when he cries, running to help that is.  RR loves to hold him and read to him.  ERP is certainly lucky to have such wonderful brothers.


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