Tuesday, January 28

His Tribe

TT views his family as his tribe.  We are his people, his tribe.  And he does NOT like it when his tribe gets separated.  We all must stay together.

Thankfully, when ERP was born, TT gladly welcomed him into his tribe right from the beginning.

If TT looses a member of his tribe in his house he'll walk around asking for them.  When we are out and about he does NOT like it if we separate, say Husband takes RR for a haircut while I take TT and ERP to the grocery store.  This makes him mad.  Sometimes he'll pitch a fit, other times he'll behave badly.  He cries and cries.  He feels the need to keep his people together.

He's OK when RR goes to school, its part of the routine.

But other times when we pick up another family member - say Nana or Ney-Ne - he'll get upset when we leave their company.

He loves his family and wants them to stay together as much as possible.  I wonder how he'll do when I go back to work in another month.


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