Sunday, February 2

10 Years

The oldest boy is officially a pre-teen. He is 10 years old.  I've been a mom for 10 years.  HOLY COW.

So what is the 10 year old up to?

4-foot and 10 inches and 84 lbs to be exact.  Ha!!  He's had an interesting growth curve this year.  At one point he was 93 lbs and 2 inches shorter.  But he shed the weight and sprouted upwards.  I am guessing a lot of his teenage growth is going to follow this pattern.

RR is in 4th grade.  He started a new school this fall and so far so good.  He has some of his best buddies in his class.  He is still active in Cub Scouts and will be earning his Webelos badge later this month.  He's on track to earn his Arrow of Light next year; which is the highest award Cub Scouts can earn.  And then off to Boy Scouts (and a break for me).

He is a fun and unique person to be around.  He loves watching Nanny 911 - and not just with me; he'll sit and watch it on his own.  

He is a wonderful and adoring big brother.  He certainly lives up to the meaning of his name "wise protector".  Sometimes he gets a little rough with TT and has a hard time sharing, but that is to be expected.  He will read to his brother and let them play in his room.  And when he has friends over; he's OK with TT following them around and joining in the fun.

He loves to play video games on his computer and is getting pretty adapt at moving about on the computer and typing.  I'd like to get him a book on computer programing.  He still loves building Legos.  He also enjoys reading, writing stories and drawing.

Yearly interview:

Me: How old are you?
RR: 10

Me: What is your favorite subject in school?
RR: Math

Me: What is least favorite subject in school?
RR: Spelling

Me: What is your favorite color?
RR: Black

Me: What happened to blue?
RR: Things change.

Me: What is your favorite school lunch?
RR: Quesidilla

Me: What is your favorite dinner at home?
RR: Spaghetti with meatsauce, only.

Me: What is your favorite vegetable?
RR: Carrots are a vegetable right?  Carrots.

Me: What's your favorite movie?
RR: Indian Jones, the first one.

Me: What's your favorite video game?
RR: Mindcraft.

Me: What's your favorite book? 
RR: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, all of them

Me: What is your favorite thing to do outside?
RR: Play with my friends

Me: Do you have any best-friends?
RR: CJ, Conner and Ethan.

Me: What do you think about girls?
RR: Same as last year.

Me: What's your favorite holiday?
RR: Christmas
Me: Why?
RR: Because you get presents.  You were expecting that weren't you.

Me: How much do like Cub Scouts?
RR: A lot.
Me: How far are you going to go?
RR: I'm not sure

Me: Anything you want to add?
RR: No

Me: Oh hey, what is your favorite song?
RR: Enderborn, still.

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