Wednesday, February 26

"Teddy is 3 ears old"

That's what I've finally gotten TT to say.  I started a good 5 weeks before his birthday and about 3 days before he turned three he was able to tell us - how many ears he has.  Ha!!!

So TT turned three.  Hard to believe it.

We had his doctor appointment on Monday and he's 42.5-inches tall and 48 lbs.  Still growing along the 99.9% growth curve.

TT is probably one of the sweetest "little" guys out there.  He loves everyone.  He started preschool on Tuesday and when he went in on Wednesday morning, he needed to hug all of his teachers.  He gives hugs and kisses freely.  He really is a giant teddy-bear.

Some of TT's favorite things; at least what we see, TT isn't verbal enough to tell us for sure.

TV Show: Hole in the Wall, anything Mickey Mouse
Color: Green
Toys: Mr. Potato Head, play-doh, trains, cars, and anything with wheels, moon-sand
Books: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, How Big is My Bear, Bad Baby, Violet's House

Potty learning skills are emerging.  He's still going on the potty at home, as long as he has no pants on.  We can go on short errands out of the house with undies on.... he's getting better and better every day with his skills.

TT is probably one of the politest 3-year olds out there.  He says "no thank you" instead of "no"  all the time - this includes when he doesn't want to do something.  And the more he doesn't want to do it, the more he says it - "no thank you, no thank you, no thank you".  He has started saying "Yes, sir", even to me.... but as of today he's taken to "Yes, ma'am".  So sweet.

I think that is the one word I would use to sum up TT right now - "Sweet".


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