Tuesday, February 4

Uphill, Barefoot, in the Snow

During dinner tonight my cell phone chirped with a text message, and then again.  I had just assumed it was one of the Big Boy's games telling me some sort of animal needs to be attended to or a new land was created.  But Husband felt the need to check it; and low and behold, it was a text message from the school system that school was cancelled tomorrow during to the impending snow storm.

Five minutes later the phone rings, and it's the telephone tree from the school system telling me school is cancelled for tomorrow.

And I bet you good money I have an email waiting from the school as well, telling me - you guessed it.

But I digress; the text message and telephone call turned the dinner conversation into a "back in my day".

Sure back in our parent's day they had to walk to school uphill (both ways) while barefoot in the snow - our tale of "back in the day" woh was a little more mentally challenging.

We told the boys about how we used to have to sit in front of the TV watching the news, hours before school began hoping and praying that we would see our schools name scroll by on the bottom of the screen announcing that we too had the day off.  Or worse yet, we had to listen to the radio and wait for breaks between songs to hear the list of school closings.  Then we had to convince our parents that we heard or saw our school name.  Sometimes said parents didn't believe us, or wanted to check for themselves - and this required standing at a snowy bus stop (back before buses picked you up at your house) waiting and wondering if the bus was ever going to show and how long until we could go in the house.  We had to explain to the Big Boy about how Netflix wasn't around and people all watched the same thing at the same time, about how the internet wasn't around and we couldn't look up school closing.

Ah yes.... back in the day....


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