Tuesday, February 18

4th Level of Hell

Something happened to my dear, sweet, easy going, laid back ERP the other night.

I can't quite put my finger on it.  But something changed.

We headed up to bed a little before 9pm, as we often do.  I turned my back to adjust something in his co-sleeper and he let out this cry.  It was a cry unlike any other cry, he has ever done before.  It was high pitched, it was loud.  It was clearly not the cry of a newborn.

I soothed him.  Nursed him.  And put him to bed like always.  I had work to finish up and planned on being up for several more hours.  But wasn't overly concerned.  ERP had taken to sleeping from 9-10 ish until 4ish.  It was heaven.

But it wasn't meant to be that night.

Before midnight he had woken up screaming and crying three times.

The screaming and crying only continued once Husband and I went to bed around midnight.  We tried everything - and we have a lot of tricks.  Nothing seemed to be working.

ERP was not happy.  He wanted to be held, nurse and cry - in no particular order.

The following morning saw Husband taking care of the bigger boys while ERP and I laid in bed, cuddling, nursing and crying.

We were in rough shape.  It clearly felt like we had entered the 4th level of hell; especially around the 6am mark when TT decided to get up way to early.  (And so did RR - what's up with that.)

The crying, whining, fussing, being upset at the breast continued on and off all day.  I looked to clues as to what was happening to my good-matured little boy.  Wonder Week?  No, too soon.  Growth spurt?  It didn't feel like one, but maybe.  Gas pains?  Maybe, but the gas drops didn't seem to be helping.  Husband suggested colic and I gave him the look of death (hey we were in Hell).  RR had colic, this was not colic.

The next night was bad.  Not as bad as the night before, but bad.  It harkened back to his infant days.

Did I mention during all this I have strep throat?  Which had made sleep the couple of nights before not possible for me.  So I missed out on sleep the last couple of days before ERP lost his way?

We seemed to have turned the corner on whatever is/was ailing ERP.  Although he does have a snotty nose now.  (le sigh... TT has been sick as well)  Today he actually smiled again.  It's a miracle!!  And he did engage in some playing.  I can hear the angles starting to sing.  I have hope... hope that we will leave this terrible place.


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