Wednesday, February 5

2 Months

ERP is now two months old.  Every day he loses a little more of "the infant look"; and is starting to look and sound more like a baby.  His cry has changed and we can tell his different cries apart - I'm hungry, I'm bored, I'm tired, I'm wet.

He is loosing his hair and it's growing back in at the same time.  Some days the new hair growth looks blonde, other days a dark red and still other days it looks black; which is the color of the hair falling out.

His eyes are still a very dark and deep blue.  The other day I was looking at them and I swear there were the clearest blue.  I really hope and pray he has blue eyes, but they will most likely be hazel like both of his brothers.

ERP is still nursing all the time.  Some nights are better than others, but that's to be expected.  He is however starting to fall into a predictable daytime routine and  nap schedule is forming.  I expect him to be on some sort of self set schedule, by the time he's three months old (knock on wood).

We've started cloth diapering for him.  Some of TT's smallest diapers can be used when folded over a dozen times so I did buy a handful of newborn size diapers.  Honestly, I was getting sick and tired of buying diapers.  Those things are expensive.  When he does were the 'sposies he is wearing a size two, but that's because they were out of the size ones.  He is still wearing 0-3 month clothing.

Things I don't want to forget from this last month:
How the thick long hair on the nap of his neck is hanging on and not falling out
How the stork bite he has back there comes and goes
How he started says "ahh" around 6 weeks of age
The smiles.  I love those smiles.  They melt my heart and now I am crying just thinking about them.
How happy he is.  All.  The. Time.
How TT runs over to him and says "huggies" and gives him the biggest bear hugs
How RR asks to hold him
How much bigger he looks in his swing all of a sudden
How happy (happier) he is when he lays in his pack and play and watches the bear mobile
How he kicks his legs out of joy
How when he is mad and crying, he kicks his right leg, and only his right leg


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