Wednesday, February 26


The other night I sat down and really looked over RR's lunch menu; and I was shocked to see that if he wanted he could be eating pizza THREE days a week for lunch.  That's a lot of pizza!!

I am slightly outraged by this.  Most weeks it is offered twice.  Some weeks only once and some weeks three times.

Not only that, but they offered FOUR different types of pizza.  Which according to RR are all pretty much the same - nasty.  But then again, he is going through an anti-pizza stage.

Whole grain stuffed crust pizza
Pizzeria pizza
Sal's whole wheat pizza
Personal pizza

15 days of school (not counting snow days) in Febraury.  On seven of those days they offered pizza.  That's just about half the month.  Wow!  Factor in a friend's birthday party and one family meal of pizza... I just can't get over it.

What does RR get for school lunch -usually option #3 - cereal bowl with yogurt.  He'll get a hamburger if they are offered (usually once a week), hot dogs, taco salad and or fish sticks.


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