Tuesday, February 18

The Best Laid Plans

Something happened the other day that didn't get documented on this here blog.

TT turned 3 on Saturday the 15th.

Turning 3 is a BIG deal for him.  It marked his graduation from Early Intervention (a birth to 3 program) and his entrance into preschool.

TT was very much looking forward to having a Mickey Mouse party.  Him and I would sit at the computer and look at "Mickey Party" as he would say.  He loved looking at the cakes, and decorations, and all that fun Mickey stuff.

I ordered him a Mickey Mouse birthday shirt off etsy.  I paid a little extra to have it shipped express to arrive in time for his party on the 15th.  Husband and I were totally psyched, we could celebrate his birthday on his birthday.  

Pirate Mickey - it doesn't get better in his eyes.

TT's last day of play-school, through Early Intervention, was the Thursday before his birthday (he only went once a week).  I had planned on making Mickey Mouse cupcakes.  They were going to be super cute - with Oreos with ears and red shorts.  I made the cupcakes on Tuesday with plans to frost them on Wednesday.

By 6pm Wednesday night the schools were closed on Thursday due to the snow.  ggrrr!!!

No last day of play-school for TT.  (And how am I going to get my Girl Scout cookies now.)

That was OK, we still had his party coming in a couple of days.

And then.... they started calling for MORE snow on Saturday (the 15th and party day).

TT started looking really green around the gills.  He had sick eyes.

Husband had been sick for the last week.

Then I seemed to lose all strength and motivation.

Husband and I talked and decided to move TT's party to next weekend.

Saturday, his birthday; started with me taking myself to urgent care.  I hadn't slept the night before my throat hurt so bad.

What a crummy birthday it was turning out to be for TT.

I wasn't going to let my boy down - granted he didn't even realize it was his birthday and his party had been moved, but still.

So after taking the first round of antibiotics and some pain pills I decided I was making him a Mickey cake.  My boy was having some sort of celebration to mark the day.  Husband got his one present out of the basement and set-up while he was napping.  It was a play kitchen.  We had plans to get him food and stuff to go with it while he was at play-school on Thursday, but yup the snow stopped that.

I made one of his favorites for dinner.  But he didn't eat much, he wasn't feeling well.

He did however enjoy his cake.


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