Saturday, February 15

Old Man Names

Someone once said to me, maybe it was my mother; "you can't name him that, it's an old man name."

Well, you know what, someone has to give their kids old man names; otherwise there would be no righteous old men with these classic names.

I had to take ERP to urgent care once and the doctor there came in proclaiming usually when he meets people with ERPs name they are over the age of 80.

Raymond Thomas
Theodore Wayne
Eugene Ronald Paul

All of my boys are named, in some way; after a beloved relative that has gone before them or a special relative we would like to honor.

All of my boys have names that are uniquely theirs.

They are all names of lesser known Catholic saints.  Did you know there were also four Popes named Eugene?

When I picked their names, none of their names were in the top 200 most popular.  This was done on purpose.  Yet, they are names we are all familiar with.  And they fit together, you can tell they were meant to be brothers.

All of these names have some sort of TV or cartoon character associated with them.  Some more endearing than others.

These are good strong names -
Raymond means Wise protector.  The perfect name for the oldest brother.
Theodore means Gift from God.  And that he is.
Eugene is Wellborn or Noble.  We think of his name as a tribute to his birth.

My boys, may they love each other as old men, just as they love each other today.


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