Wednesday, January 1

Stardate: January 1, 2014 09:38

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Right now in The House of Two-Eggs:

ERP is laying on Husband's chest, wide awake, facing out and doing his "snorty" breathing.  He's had nasal congestion for the last few days.  He's wearing the cutest little ducky outfit.  Husband is rocking the teenage mutant turtles sleeper pants.

TT is sitting on the couch, riveted to the TV.  He's watching Leap Frog Numberland and is counting happily along with the video.  He's chilling in a pair of planes underwear.  Potty training is coming along wonderfully.  He had a mini whole wheat bagel and an apple for breakfast.

RR is still sleeping.  We let him stay up till midnight with us, and Husband told me he was crabbing at RR at 1:45am to go to sleep.

I'm on the recliner, enjoying a cup of coffee Husband made for me.  He brewed it in the rose mug he bought me when we first started dating.  Husband makes a mean cup of coffee.  I've started getting migraines again since ERP was born and my midwife suggests a cup of coffee or other caffeine drink each morning.  I am chilling in a pair of black yoga pants and a oversized purple sweatshirt I stole from my mother's boyfriend when ERP was born.

The house is clean, but cluttered.  Toys are everywhere, and we are still decorated for Christmas.  We'll keep the tree up until at least this weekend (The Ephiphany is 01/05).

Plans today include making a list of 2014 goals with Husband, and making some beef in the crockpot and baking some bread, and writing out invites for RR's 10th birthday.

Snow is expected to start overnight and end sometime on Friday.  I foresee school vacation being extended into next week for RR.


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