Saturday, January 4

The Big Ones

I'm sitting here thinking about how ERP is 4 weeks old today which leads me to thinking that I needed to post about this last week on his blog.... and it occurs to me, I should update you all on the two older ones.  The Big Boys.

So TT; he's a riot.  Seriously.  He is a funny guy.  His vocabulary is really coming along.  He says the cutest things sometimes.  Right before Christmas he started walking around says "Seen-ta, Seen-ta, Ho-ho-ho".  On Christmas morning while we were opening gifts he started saying "Open, Open, Ho-ho-ho."  Way too cute!!  His potty training, if you can call it that; is still coming along nicely.  We're really following his lead.  We went from him needing to be naked to use the potty to wearing undies and taking down his pants to use the potty.  And we've made a few quick outings with him wearing undies under his jeans, instead of diapers.  Peanut-butter is by far his favorite food.  He prefers it on crackers and toast.  He calls a PB sandwich a "toast sandwich".

RR is becoming your typical pre-teen.  I can't believe he is going to be 10 next this month.  Wow!!  Where has time gone?  He seems to really be enjoying 4th grade.  This favorite books center around history or mythological creatures.  He is still active in Cub Scouts and will be earning his Webelos badge in February.  He is obsessed with computer games, to the point where we need to be really strict about on-line time as he will play, watch videos about and research on his favorite games all day.  Did I mention ALL. DAY.

And it needs to be said, they are BOTH super extra awesome big brothers.  Both of the Big Ones are so in love with ERP and are ready to play and hold him any chance they get.


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