Thursday, July 24

10 Reasons 10 Years Old ROCK!!!

1) They randomly bake
Yellow cake with key lime frosting
2) They still hold your hand in parking lots and stores... on odd occasions

3) They are excellent at getting pictures of their siblings while you're busy driving

4) and off of #3.... they know how to work your smart phone better than you do

5) They are still young enough to sit at the little kid computer in the library

6) They do chores - the ones you really don't want to do yourself - like cleaning all the Tupperware up off the floor

7) They can teach their younger siblings how to do chores - like setting the table - take note parents - teach your oldest well as they will be passing down the torch to the younger ones

8) They can be incredibility silly

9) They are at the perfect age to introduce some of your favorite movies to: The Princess Bride,  The Police Academy movies, Happy Gilmore

10) You can spend time with them bridging generational gaps while watching Weird Al videos.


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