Thursday, July 3

Feeding Baby

It's that time again - time to start feeding another little person "real" food.  ERP is nearly 7 months now and is eating all sorts of food.  Like his brother TT before him, we are mostly following the food method of baby-led-weaning.  Which in a nut shell is letting baby fed themselves age and stage appropriate foods.

I like it because it gives me a chance to actually eat my dinner at the same time - it's great we get to eat as a family.

Yup; you really start getting lazy with baby #3 on this whole parenting thing.

Sure it makes a mess, but exploring new food textures is a great learning tool; plus yogurt is a great skin and hair treatment.

This time around however we are skipping grains until ERP is at least 12 months old.  New research shows that the gut does not develop the proper enzymes to digest grains until 12 or so months. Grains before 12 months is linked with higher rates of allergies, eczema and "chicken skin" (which both older boys have).

Foods that ERP has had and has loved
Cantaloupe (thick slice)
Watermelon (again a nice thick slice)
Pickles (not chip style)
Peas (smashed)
Apple (peeled)
Sweet potato (smashed)
Potatoes (smashed)
Yogurt (all types)
Ice cream
Celery (frozen, great for teething)
Peach (peeled)
Shredded chicken
Sour cream
Red cabbage

Foods that ERP as not loved
Egg yoke
ok... make that food with no s....


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