Saturday, July 5

7 Months

I feel like ever since ERP hit the 6 month mark we've been rolling down hill... getting closer and closer to 1 year.

So ERP turns 7 months today!!  And what an eventful month between 6 months and 7 months for the kiddo.  He has really mastered sitting on his own, and loves to stands.  Stands holding on to anything and everything.  Food is his new best friend.  He loves to eat all types of foods.

We had his baptism, and he cried.  But you see ERP is a sympathy crier; if someone around him cries, he feels the need to as well.  Which is super extra double annoying at home since TT is a crier in general.  And RR has the tendency to over react.  But there was a wee tiny baby also being baptized and he was crying, really crying, so ERP felt the need to do the same.  Once that baby left the church ERP stopped crying.  He's a sensitive fellow.

We had his belated 6 month check-up and he was 15 lbs. 1 ounce - in a wet diaper and with a full belly.  He is a little peanut.  He is by far my smallest little guy.

The last day of being 6 months ended with a bang.  Literally.  RR was in charge of him while Husband and I made dinner.  RR left ERP on the couch to get a pacifier and ERP went tumbling off.  He caught an ear pretty good and it's all banged up, but he's OK - once he started nursing he was fine.  RR on the other hand, he took it pretty bad.  I don't think he'll make that mistake again.

ERP is stilling rocking the size 2 diapers when he wears disposables.  He's barely in a size 6 month clothing.  And I think we might finally be moving the straps up on his carseat in the next week or so.

Things from this month I don't want to forget about:
~ The first time he ate watermelon - boy did it make he excited
~ His first ice cream cone
~ His laugh and smile when you toss him about your head
~ Snuggling on the bed, with him tucked in the crook of my arm watching TV - this is him being the ultimate pocket baby
~ How when he gets excited he kicks both of his legs at the same time - they go all the way up and all the way down
~ He moves his arms the same way when excited
~ The way his hair sticks up when he gets food in it and how it stays that way, no matter how much you clean it
~ The way he looked on his baptism, all in white with his special sweater on
~ The way he rolls around on the floor - eager to chew on some plastic Thomas train track


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