Monday, September 24

Feeling Like...

Tonight I feel like Superwomen.  Or better yet, Super-Mom.

A sticker RR got me for Mother's Day a few years ago.
I keep it on the fridge.
I will admit I don't often feel like Super-Mom.  Every day seems to be more of the same, too much to do in too little time.

But the stars aligned tonight.

It was a decent day in the office and traffic was light coming home.

We had an awesome dinner of French toast, baked apples and sausage.  It was one of those meals everyone helped cooked... well, OK... TT sat in his high chair and licked beaters of fresh whip cream and colored.

I had time to play with each of the boys and got in two nursing sessions before TT went to bed.  Not to mention Husband and I got TT's room cleaned up while he "helped" us.

Stories with both boys... and then I made dinner for tomorrow night (chili) before getting the dishes the done and putting in two miles on the elliptical.

And for bonus points, I held it together when RR spilled water all over his bed as I was tucking him in.  Yes, it was in a closed container, I really have no idea how he pulls these things off.

Ahh... off to cap of the evening with sometime with Husband.

I love it when days come together like this.


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