Monday, September 3


A few weeks ago RR offered to make me an afternoon snack.  "To help you relax" he said.

He made me a hot chocolate in the Kuerig and dished out a bowl of chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream.  As he was topping the ice cream with brown sugar (gag) I interjected and had him remove as much brown sugar as he could.  He was a little upset about me "spying" on him while he cooked, but he bounced back quickly and ran out to the yard.

A few minutes later he had me close my eyes and he led me into the living-room, where he presented me with my snack complete with flowers in a cup of water and the mouse (so I could chose what I wanted to watch on Netflix).

I know he says he's never going to get married, but if he does he'll make some young lady very happy.


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