Saturday, September 22

The Fair Edition

This weekend was our annual town fair.  It's an event we've enjoyed going to ever since moving to this town.  Thursday night is fireworks - but those were cancelled this year because we are in a Triple E mosquito lock-down (after dark activities are strongly discouraged).  Then the fair runs Friday night through dinner on Sunday, with a parade Saturday morning.

The fair offers rides, local vendors (our friends Tom and Kathy sell the best honey and kettle corn), local clubs (all hosting kid games for charity), 4H exhibits, food, agricultural, food and craft competitions.  They changed the way the kids exhibits are judged (now done on the danish system; whatever that means and how it compares to how things were judged before) - but Ray still won plenty of blue, red and white ribbons for his photography and crafts - and yours truly placed in 2nd for her chocolate chip cookies.  Ha-ha!!  I knew I was a good baker. 

Waiting in line for the plane ride.

RR picking up the older chicks on the til-a-whirl.

Yummy apple!!

RR showing off the cookie he decorated himself.

TT checking out the tortoise.

He's a goof.

Hanging out on the merry-go-round w/ Daddy.

Big slide!!!

So - you know what happens when your kid gets to be 36" tall?  They get to go on the kiddie rides ALONE!!!  Yeah, that wasn't happening but I did let him go with his big brother.

I spent the entire ride chasing their cart around yelling "Hold onto your brother!!".  Yes, the dragons "flew" in the air.  

He's a natural.

Gathering up all the chickens at "farmer for the day"

Watching the chicken races.  


Sue said...

OMG, I remember yelling, "Hold onto your brother" to you & Danny. Thanks for the memory. Great pictures of the kids. When are you guys gonna stop over again? It's been months.

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