Tuesday, September 25

You Read It Here

Some of the funnier conversations with RR lately....

1st here's a now infamous one I posted on FB lately:

Me: RR that's not the shirt you wore to school.
RR: I know.
Me: What happened?
RR: I accidentally fell into the into the urinal and I accidentally flushed it on myself.
Me: That was an accident?
RR: Ok, maybe not really... and guess this I only lost 5 minutes of lunch... no lost recess time.

Or this gem from the other day:

Me (upon entering RR's bedroom): Why don't you have pants?
RR: Because I am getting naked.
Me: Why are you getting naked?  It's the middle of the afternoon.
RR: Because I always do my homework naked.  

Or how about this one while we were driving the other day:

RR - rambles on and on about Wizard 101 (a video game)
Me: Hey, RR, did you know when having a conversation both people are suppose to talk?
RR: So?
Me: Well we're not having a conversation, you're just talking and I'm just listening.  
RR: I like talking.
Me: So do I.  Can we have a conversation now?
RR: No... what's this called a monologue?   


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