Monday, January 21

9th Birthday Party

Yes, it appears that I have fallen off the blogging planet again.... but have no fear I am back tonight.  AND with pictures.  This weekend we celebrated RR's 9th birthday party.  Sure, his actual birthday isn't for another 2 weeks; but TT's is 15 days after his AND we have lots of family and friend birthdays around that time so we had found over the years it is easier to have his party on the weekend of MLK Jr Day.

He really wanted to party in a lamp shade.
No, he didn't leave the house with it.

Giant cookie cake.  We've had one nearly every year.

Charging station.  This makes your balls glow.  Ha!!

Real men wear babies and light birthday candles.

We had his party at a local place that offers glow in the dark mini-golf.  The price was a total bargain and to not have to clean my house before and after the party and deal with RR retreating to his room in tears it was totally worth it.

We didn't have anyone show without RSVPing.  Which I totally loved.  But we did have one guest not make it after RSVPing, I hope he was OK.

So the kids golfed.  TT ran around like a crazy fool.  We ate, we had cake, he opened presents, the kids played in the laser maze and after 2 hours we went home.  It was excellent.  His party was a total success.  And I must say it was in large part of our awesome friends.  Friends that helped set-up, get ready, watch TT, eat with TT, bring things to and from the car.

Awesome friends to RR and awesome friends for Husband and I.


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