Sunday, January 27

Place Your Bets

On Monday I take RR for his 9 year physical exam.

Any bets on how big the boy is now?

In case you missed the announcement on FB earlier this week, he is now wearing a men's size 7 shoe.  Apparently 6 is the largest size they make in children  after that you are into adult sizes.  Sigh, I can feel my wallet getting lighter just thinking about it.

You can see his a history of his growth on the "Watch Us Grow" page on this here blog.  He really had slowed down growing vertically the last few years and was filling out more - we had gotten a BMI warning last year at his physical, but when he went in to the doctor mid-year she was really happy with his BMI going down.... so I am hoping he followed that trend.  He sure does seem taller lately.

Sp place your bets here... how big is RR at 9 years?  (OK, he'll be a few days shy of 9 years at his appointment....)

Here he is with his best-bud a few weeks ago.  


Amy said...

I am going to guess 82 lbs. Also I love that their 1 year stats are nearly identical!

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