Saturday, January 12

Who Ya Gonna Call

They say that music tames the savage beast, in our case it tames the crying toddler.  I'd like to say he has a refined ear and would cam down to the great jazz legends like his big brother.  Husband would like to say that TT was just like him and calms right down to country music.  Sure he likes these types of music and dances to them; but they certainly do not calm him down.

And now that we are working on freeing him (err, us the parents) from the pacifier we are going out more and more without; and one day we found ourselves at a loss as he cried and screamed as we drove and there as no nook (pacifier to the rest of you) in site. Until I recalled how much he enjoyed the Ghostbusters theme song on our Halloween CD; and since we never put anything away Husband was able to get track 2 playing in time.

The bass drops the first few notes.... If there's something strange....

The car goes quiet.  TT has stopped crying.  He is memorized.  He is in love. He was clam and tuned in.

Then track 3 plays, which is Purple People Eater, and he starts crying again.

We have spent a better part of December and Janaury driving around listening to Ghostbusters on repeat in the car.  It reminds me of when my youngest brother was just a toddler and he used to have to fall asleep watching Back to the Future.  It's TT's thing, just like that.  We all got are thing, don't we.  And if Ghostbusters is going to stop my kid from crying then it's all good.


Sue said...

Waynie was 2,which is how old Teddy will be next month. To this day I pronounce it like Waynie did. " Bock TO the Fu-Tuur". It was the only way he would nap,up until he was 5. I still cry when I hear Huey Lewis and the News, Power or Love". It was in Waynies movie. Cherish the moments.

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