Friday, January 25

Magic Stickers

Last week I posted about how when TT is upset in the car we listen to the Ghostbuster's theme song over and over and over again.  We have a similar trick for when he's in the house and get a boo-boo (my baby doesn't really get hurt, just little scraps and scratches and pinched fingers)... in the house we have "magic stickers" to heal all of those scrapes and bruises.

I used to be able to offer him a magic kiss for his bumps and bruises; but then we got some stickers along with a prescription at Tar-jay... and it's been stickers ever since.

So anytime TT hurts himself and start crying we just need to offer him a "magic sticker" and he's all set.  Actually he needs two magic stickers - one for each hand.  Why yes, magic stickers go on his hands regardless of where he hurt himself.... and voila once the stickers are applied the tears quickly dry and he is happy and smiling and looking at his stickers.


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