Monday, January 28

And the winner is....

Amy!!  She correctly guessed how big RR was going to be at his well-child visit today.  OK, ok... she was the only one that took a guess, but she was spot on.  RR is 82 lbs. and 55-inches tall.

You know what that means?  All of his aunts that are hovering right around (or below) the 5-ft mark better watch out it's just a matter of time till he's taller than you.

But do you what else it means?  It means that he's been having a steady 2.5 to 3 inch vertical growth per year for the last few years and is following along the 75% height curve nicely.  It also means that since his weight gain slowed down so much this year (BMI is now 19.05); especially in comparison to his height gain he is no longer "overweight".  I will tell you this is a HUGE sigh of relief.

Last year, when he was first classified as overweight I was crushed.  It made me feel like I was failing him as a parent; eating too many meals on the go and not getting in enough exercise.  I felt like I wasn't offering him a fair deal.  Now I know genetics has something to do with weight gain and especially height; and I know my brothers always chunk-ed up before growing upwards, but it was a hard place to be as a parent.  RR had always been on the leaner side; and even when he starting having some weight to him he was always a solid kid; but last year that was different.  I could see there was a problem developing with his weight and I am glad we've been able to overcome it.

I do in part thank the changes to his school lunch program; with the switch to all whole grains and three servings of fruits/veggies for meals they are a lot healthier now than they were in the past... and as I have mentioned in the past school lunches are my life-saver during the week.

But honestly I think  a big part of helping him maintain a healthy weight is him using the elliptical while watching his TV shows.  This is also a HUGE help with getting out his pent up energy.... ADHD plus in door recess all week is no bueno.

Now if only Husband and I could follow his example a little bit better.... I know our primary doctor would be happy to see that.

Showing off the "suit of armor" he made out of copy paper today.


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