Monday, June 16

10 Step

TT is a creature of habit.  He lives by his little rituals.  And bedtime is no exception.  Personally I blame the "experts" as they say establishing a bedtime routine is suppose to be helpful in getting to bed and staying in bed and sleeping.

First we read a story.

Then he nurses and we sing a song.  Actually, we sing all of the following songs (don't worry they probably take longer to read than to sing) - The Wheels on the Bus (my version), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sleep, Friar Jacques, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rock a Bye Baby, Skidamrinky-dink, and "Colors" (a song by me).

After that he climbs into bed; we were in the rocker for all the reading and singing.

Then comes the 10 Step Kiss process - how did I get myself into this.

At each stage I need to say what number we are at.

1 - cover him with his beige baby blanket with the giraffe design
2 - cover him with his green baby blanket with the monkey design
3 - pull up his sheet
4 - pull up his blanket - have no mind if it's 120F in his room
5 - kiss him on his forehead 5 times
6 - kiss the right cheek
7 - kiss the left check
8 - kiss on the lips making a kissing sound
9 - kiss his glowing seahorse toy
10 -  kiss his glowing glow-worm toy, aka "baby"
and then kiss his stuffed puppy "for good luck".


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