Thursday, June 5

What?! 6 Months!!

ERP is 6 months old!? Ack!  Half a year gone.  It has been flying by.

He doesn't have his 6 month well visit until much later this month; but he did have the croup last week and we got a weight on my Pocket Baby.  And what a Pocket Baby he is - a whopping 14 lbs. and 2 ounces.  Don't know how big or small that is?  It's small.  He's a compact guy.

But he is quick and fast and compact.

He is still wearing size 2 diapers when he is wearing disposables.  But I am getting better about keeping the cloth diapers clean for two little ones (TT still needs diapers for naps and long trips out of the house).

What is ERP up to?  Everything!!  He is getting very, very close to sitting up on the floor alone; for more than a minute.  He loves scooting around; but he has to be in the mood.  When he's cranky he just rolls over and then gets mad and screams his head off.

Speaking of screaming he has figured out all his different voices; he has a protest yell, a food whimper, a put me to sleep-cry.  And he babbles and giggles.  Which I love.  I could listen to him giggle all day long.

Sleep is not the best right now.  He naps excellent in his swing.  He is up several times a night.  We can get him to sleep in his co-sleeper with no tears, super extra perfect.  But then he is up around 10:30 and that's it.

He is still wearing 3-6 month clothes.  He has some smaller and some larger sizes he fits into.

He LOVES his jumper.  He LOVES being held.

Still breastfeeding.  No shock I know.  He really enjoys his breastmilk-yogurt flavored with cinnamon.   And I seem to have gotten much close to perfecting the process of making it.

We celebrated ERP turning 6 months with a nice big bowl of his yogurt and some hashbrowns; which I highly doubt he ate any of.

Things I don't want to forget from his month:
~ The time he managed to work  himself across the room by rolling and scooting
~ How excited he gets about his yogurt - he reminds me of a little bird looking for a worm
~ How excited he gets about nursing
~ His happy squeal
~ The stork bite on the back of his neck, it looks like it's getting bigger
~ How adorable he looks with his little "comb over"
~ Watching his brothers help take care of him
~ How much he hates his car seat right now
~ How dapper he looks in his hats
~ How he will pause from nursing, look up at me and blow bubbles at me
~ How he blows bubbles while nursing (silly boy)


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