Tuesday, June 3

Touch Typist

I feel that I am a decent typist.  I can type without looking at the keyboard.  Husband and some of our friends are amazed by my typing ability.

I see typing as a generation marker.

My co-workers are my proof of this marker.

Co-workers that are older than I type slower than I do and often use the "hunt and peck" method.
Co-workers that are younger type as fast or faster than I do.

I see typing a skill you must have if you are working in an office these days.  While I am conflicted about the limited time RR spends on longhand (or cursive) writing in school, I am thrilled he is becoming a more efficient typist these days.

As him and I were driving earlier today we got to talk about the topic of typing and I was surprised that he was already noticing how one's ability to type and type well enables them to complete projects sooner.  RR at the age of 10 is already a touch typist.  And he knows this is a skill you need.

At 10, I don't think we owned a typewriter, let alone a computer.


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