Sunday, June 15

40 Months

Today marks 40 months of nursing TT.  40 months.

This is roughly nursing him 1,215 times before bed at night.

When we started this journey I had no idea we would still be nursing at this time.

We've overcome a number of hurdles in our breastfeeding relationship; from his early days when he was very sick and in the PICU, through me returning to work full time, followed by the distracted nursing phase, then during my pregnancy with his brother when I was sure he was going to wean, through a handful of trips that took me away from him for a few nights at a time; and then on to tandem nursing.

I will admit some days I wish he didn't nurse as much, and other days I look forward to our quiet time together.

I know one day this will come to an end.

But for now we mark the occasion - 40 months!!

Birthday - February 15, 2011

40 months later - June 15, 2014


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