Sunday, June 1

So Bueatiful

"It's so bueatiful, Mommy"

That's the first thing TT said to me when he came outside this morning.  I was in the middle of hanging diapers to dry.  He was referring to the diapers being bueatiful.  And I can see where he would think that.  All of the bright colors, gently swaying in the breeze, the bright late spring sun shining down on them.  Like little flags across the side of the yard.

But for me it wasn't just the diapers that were bueatiful.  It was a bueatiful day with my bueatiful family.  At the time ERP was happily in his bouncy seat watching me and listening to the birds.  TT started helping me hang the clothes.  The morning went on, and RR helped with the chores.  The boys played.  Husband played with the boys.  I got in on the action. We had an easy lunch and the house was clean and full of laughter.  Then my mom showed up with a cake.  Yum!!  Cake and then naps.

What more can you ask for?

While TT was sleeping I did take the diapers off the line.  He cried when he noticed they had been taken down.  "So pretty.  Go?" he asked.

But its alright.  I am sure the summer will be filled with many more days like this, complete with diapers on the line.  At least I can hope so.


Amy said...

Wow it looks like it was a beautiful day for you! We had icky weather here.

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