Monday, July 20

Away at Camp

The biggest boy, aka RR; is away at camp this week. 

This isn't the first time he's gone away to camp. And I am sure it won't be the last time. 

But I seem to be missing him more than normal this time. And we're only on the second night.

As he gets older he opts to spend more time by himself or with his friends. He opts to not go to the grocery store. Instead he stays home "for the dog" as he puts it. And when we are all home we need to pull him out of his room. Off the phone. Away from Skype. But he's around. 

With him at camp this week it's making me realize how important he is to the family. Even if it feels like Husband or I are always prying him out of his room. 

First of all; there is no one to set the table. Or empty the dishwasher. 

There is no one stay home "for the dog", which means in this weather Lily has to spend time in her kennel when we go out.

There is no one to take ERP for a walk when "I need a minute".

But it also means that no one is coming downstairs to hang out with Husband and I at 9pm, when the little ones are in bed. 

It's funny. When he's around I don't realize how much he helps us out. How much we enjoy his company. 

I'll need to make sure I let him know he as missed when he gets back from camp.


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