Wednesday, July 29

Not Surgery Day

Today was suppose to be "surgery day".

Thankfully it is not.

Because it's too darn hot to be all miserable from surgery.

And because we're still learning about how to best deal with Husband's diabetes.

And because ERP is teething. Ergo he's miserable and surgery while he's miserable would have sucked.

Surgery was cancelled due to finding out that my thyroid cyst was benign. Woo Hoo!!

And... and this is a big and... the cyst shrank. It went from over 5cm to around 4cm. Which doesn't sound like a lot, but it was enough for it not to be putting pressure on my windpipe anymore. Seriously this change was life altering. Ok, so draining the cyst and it refilling was super painful. I couldn't talk to days, move my head or drive. I had pain in my jaw and ears. I was miserable. I would have given anything to have had my thyroid removed those days. But then the pain lessened. The neck pain I had been having for months and months went away. My doctor did another "look see" and was able to get good samples to test... and here were are.

Happy No Surgery Day!!

I do go back in six months to have it looked at again for more growths. But for now we celebrate.

I spent the day silently reflecting on how amazing the news of it being benign was. When I got word on Friday last week... I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

But today I kept thinking... "at this time we would be heading to the hospital"... when in fact I was eating breakfast with my family and my mom.

"at this time we would be going in to the operating room"... as I was cleaning my floors.

"at this time I would be coming out of the operating room"... as I was playing at the park with the little kids.

"at this time I would probably be heading home".... as I was playing in the pool with RR.

It was a good day...

A day I am thankful for. A blessed day....


Emily said...

What amazing news!! So happy to hear that it's benign AND shrining. Sounds like it was super uncomfortable.

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