Tuesday, July 14

Project Food Budget: Week 7 (My Week 2)

Check it - I have the current logo this week. :-)

So this week things changed in the house. Things that affect how we eat and in the end how we shop. Now if you are not familiar with this blog I am the mom of three boys. RR is 11 years, nearly 11.5 and stands a good five foot two or three inches. TT is four, nearly four and a half; and is bigger than most six years old. I kid you not. He's better than 46-inches and about 60-lbs. Then there is ERP, the baby. My smallest guy at 19 months he's barley 19 pounds. But since starting medication for reflux seems to be eating more. And then there is me and Husband. On Thursday last week we found out that Husband was a diabetic. At this time he is classified as "unknown", but his doctor is leaning more towards him being a type one diabetic. Obviously we are pursuing more information and testing on this.

Now husband was the king of carbs. He could make entire meals, nay eat for an entire day; on nothing but carbs. And with this latest news, that has changed. He is reading labels. Looking at eats more vegetables and proteins and is more willing to try new foods. He really is doing good and I am sure once he meets with his new team of doctors we'll both learn more about food and eating for health.

So... with that being said... food shopping this week involved buying new foods. Our menu this week features new foods. And I am excited to be cooking new foods.

Our food budget for a two week period, because I do bulk shopping in two week blocks is $160. Every few days I do go to buy fresh produce and milk.

Aldi - $117.96 - this is my total after taking out the Hula Hoops and what not
Stop & Shop - $ 45.52

For a total of $163.47.

So.... It's going to be really hard to spend no money in the next two weeks on milk and produce, so I'll really have to be careful and shop with price in mind as I am technically over budget already.

Menu this week
Sunday: ham and turkey wrap sandwiches with veggies and tater tots
Monday: chicken nuggets with salad and fresh green beans
Tuesday: salmon burgers* with cantaloupe and cucumbers
Wednesday: RR has scouts so the boys will have mac and cheese and Husband and I will  make something later
Thursday: mango chicken over whole wheat rice
Friday: tacos (made with ground turkey)
Saturday: chicken (in the crockpot) with veggies and maybe stuffing 

* The salmon burgers were a HUGE HIT. Husband, and the kids for that matter; have never had them before. And I MADE them. It was super easy and super yummy. No one complained ONCE about this dinner. I was really proud of Husband for trying them, let alone liking them. I made a lemon-dill mayo to go with them, which ERP enjoyed eating as is. TT, who is super picky even ate some. It was a total winner.

Oh and in case you are wondering I do feed them meals aside from dinner. Breakfast is usually cereal or french toast sticks. But I did spluge on bagels this week. And Stop & Shop had big boxes of Kix and Cheerios on sale, 4 for $10 so I had to get those as well. Lunch is typically cheese sandwiches, turkey dogs, peanut butter anything. And they snack on fruit on graham crackers all day long.

So... now that you are hungry... make sure you stop by and see how these other members are doing and what's on their menu.

Emily Levenson - who started this all.


Emily said...

Looks like a lot of great things on the menu!

With the new dietary / lifestyle changes that are coming your way, it may be necessary to adjust your budget. The good news is that you're paying attention and keeping track of where the money is going.

Hope the transition continues to be an enjoyable one.

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