Wednesday, July 22

Project Food Budget: Week 8 (3)

Sorry for being a day late.

So the two week budget is $160 and I was already over it last week at $163.47. So far this week we've spent $ 53.22 on produce, bread and milk. So for two weeks I am over by $ 56.69 (all of it spent at Stop & Shop). I suppose it could be worst. Husband's new diet is really impacting things. Salad and fruit cost a lot more than bags of commercially made carbs... his previous favorite go-to foods.

But as Emily reminded me, new diets sometime require adjusting the budget. I'll have to look at that more the end of this week as I get ready to do another big two week shopping spree. 

Another struggle this week is RR being away at camp. He eats! Like really eats. And eats everything. TT and ERP not so much. This week I feel like I am cooking for two and praying the other two eat something. When RR is home I feel like I am cooking for "the family". 

Menu this week
Sunday: mango chicken (I ended up not making it last week)
Monday: grilled porkchops, applesauce and salad
Tuesday: the little ones had mac and cheese; husband and I had salads with grilled chicken over it
Wednesday: teriyaki porkchops, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread with butter and applesauce
Thursday: crockpot chicken (didn't make this last week either), stuffing and carrots
Friday: we're eating out!

Tonight I am looking for recipes for some homemade diabetic bran muffins. But nothing with crazy fake sugar in it so the kids can it them too. I need to find more high fiber foods to keep Husband feeling full longer. Lately it seems like all he thinks about is food. Which I guess is common among those who are dieting or facing big lifestyle/food changes. And I am open for suggestions for other yummy good high fiber eats.

Emily Levenson - who started this all.


Emily said...

I think once you find your footing with the new recipes and foods, you'll be able to go back to your budgeting ways.

Trying to think of some good recipes. I will make sure to pass them along if I find any. :)

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