Tuesday, July 7

Project Food Budget: It's Back!

A few years ago I did an online "experiment" called Project Food Budget with Emily Levenson. The goal of the project was to have a grocery budget and to try and shop in that budget. All of the bloggers in the experiment had to share their weekly menu, their budget and what they actually spent - you know that whole accountability thing.

Last week while I was blogging I was thinking about PFB and was missing it. As sad and as strange as that sounds. And then one of my friends that also participated in it a few years back told me it was going on again. This time for 12 weeks, instead of a year... and yeah it was almost half over already. But I figured if she can jump in late this time around... so can I.

A few things are different for me this time around. Aside from having more and bigger mouths to feed. I am now actually grocery shopping on a regular basis. That was one of the hardest things for me with the first go around of PFB, not shopping regularly. Now I am also meal planning 2 weeks in advance. This is because we now do the bulk of our shopping at Aldi. And Aldi is a bit of a drive. This time around I also have a hand on staples. I know I need four boxes of cereal, two boxes of granola bars, one giant box of fruit snacks, etc... to last two weeks between the Aldi trips. I guess you could say I have a handle on what we, as a family, eat.

So last time I shopped I spent $130 at Aldis. My food budget over two weeks is $160 and this includes buying milk and fruit every few days from a local grocery store or market. I don't know my total for my "milk and fruit" shopping trips, so I can only assume it was on budget. So I guess in that sense PFB will be a help.

Menu this week
Monday: Pasta with sausage
Tuesday: eggs, corn beef hash and toast
Wednesday: Need to figure something out... I had assumed RR had scouts which meant the boys would have something quick like mac and cheese and fruit and Husband and I would eat later... but no scouts... so I am open to suggestions.
Thursday: sandwiches and salads
Friday: eating out

This symbol is really old... I should confirm if there is a new this time around.


EricaG said...

I am so glad that you are doing this! Sure...we're late, but let's call it "fashionably late." There is a new logo this year. No cute piggy. ;)

Emily said...

So glad that you and Erica are back! Always fun to have some PFB alum's in the house. I also love that you were missing the project. Seems like there was something in the air, as I was needing a jolt of inspiration and accountability myself. xo

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