Friday, August 1

10 and a HALF!

Me: How old are you?
RR: Ten and a half

Me: What is your favorite subject in school?
RR: Still math

Me: What is least favorite subject in school?
RR: Still spelling, no grammar

Me: What is your favorite color?
RR: Black

Me: What is your favorite school lunch?
RR: Taco Salad

Me: What is your favorite dinner at home?
RR: Pancakes, no tacos

Me: What is your favorite vegetable?
RR: Apples, no that's a fruit.  Wait is it fruit that has seeds.  Avocado

Me: What's your favorite movie?
RR: Clutch Powers

Me: What's your favorite video game?
RR: Wizard 101

Me: What's your favorite book? 
RR: Ranger's Apprentice, it's a series

Me: What is your favorite thing to do outside?
RR: Go in pool

Me: Do you have any best-friends?
RR: OK, now you are just on crack.  It's sad that you're asking me this.  This answer is obviously this.  It's CJ, no Ethan.  

Me: What do you think about girls?
RR: Blah.
Me: Even your mom?
RR: *giggles*

Me: What's your favorite holiday?
RR: Christmas
Me: Why?
RR: Because I get presents.  

Me: How much do like Cub Scouts?
RR: Over 9,000%
Me: How far are you going to go?
RR: Arrow of Light

Me: Anything you want to add?
RR: No, not really.

Me: Oh hey, what is your favorite song?
RR: I don't know


Amy said...

So cute. And such a good idea. I can't wait until my kids are old enough to do this. :)

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