Monday, August 25

A Boy and His Sack

"Back to sleep" is the slogan used these days to remind parents to lay their baby on their back when they go to sleep.  It is often embroidered on the front of sleep sacks - fleece, usually arm-less, bags for baby to sleep in.

Like any good parents, when TT was small, Husband and I invested in many, many sleep sacks.  We had blue ones, white ones, yellow ones.  As he got older and bigger we bought bigger and bigger sleep sacks.

The last sleep sack we ever bought him, around his first birthday; was a size XL or 18 months.  It is designed for children 35 to 40 inches and up to 36 lbs.  These days TT is around 44 inches and 50 lbs.

As TT grew, this sleep sack grew with him. Walking around in it he stretched it.

Then one day it got a small hole in the bottom corner.  He would fiddle with it while falling asleep.

And so, the hole got bigger and bigger.

Then one day I hole was so big he could fit a leg in it.  This made walking around in "sack" much easier.

Then one day, the hole was so big, both legs fit through it.

Now when he wakes-up, sack is bunched up around his stomach.  It looks like a deranged vest. A dingy, despite nearly being washed every other day, deranged vest.

But he loves it.

Just like his older brother loves his blanket.


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