Friday, August 15

Remembering Today: 3.5 years

This afternoon I came home from the office early; I had to be at church at in the evening.  When I first came home all three of the boys where napping, so I showered and was relaxing with a snack when TT came down the stairs.

He waddles over to me, wearing his sleep sack, and pats my upper chest.  He looks at me, with his still very sleepy, big hazel eyes and requests "boobies".

"OK", I tell him "Go climb in the chair."

Minutes later we are nursing.  I'm running my fingers through his thick blonde hair.  His legs are draped over the other side of the chair, and he is softly kicking them.

About five minutes later he looks up at me.  "Empty? Other side?"

I tell him... sorry... no.... we need to save the other side for ERP - Jee-mee as TT calls him.

TT cries, for about 5 seconds... I tell him we can cuddle instead.  So we sit and rock, cuddle and talk.  I rub his hair, he holds my other hands.

My middle boy is 3.5 years old today. This is a day, a moment with him, I want to remember.

At 3.5 years TT is a very sweet little boy.  His speech is improving every day, we can hold short conversations these days.  Although, he still has the tendency to just jibber-jabber and no one can understand him.

He is pretty close to being daytime potty trained. Now we just need to get him to keep his undies on after he's gone to the bathroom.

By at home measurements he is around 44.5 inches tall and about 52 lbs. He is wearing a size 6 husky pants, a size 6/7 shirt, size 7 PJs and a size 13 shoe.

Surprisingly he is a pretty picky eater. He loves any form of fruit, except pineapple. For veggies he loves peas, carrots and green beans.  Baked beans are a new favorite food. He is not a big fan of meat.  Chicken has to be in the nugget form, preferably from McDs. He doesn't eat any form of beef or ham or turkey.  His seafood intake is limited to fish sticks. He will eat hotdogs, when he is in the mood. Meatballs are a favorite, but he picks around hamburger in spaghetti with meatsauce. He would live off Cheerios, watermelon and "peanut butter toast sandwiches" if you let him.  And chocolate milk. He is becoming a serious chocolate junkie. Guess he gets that from his mama.

Right now he is on a Donald Duck and Chip & Dale cartoon spree. His favorite books are anything with Pete the Cat in it. He loves play-doh, painting, coloring, and stickers.

His current favorite song is "Teddy Bear" by Elvis. I must get him dancing to this on video.

Daily he needs to "go for a ride in the car"... his day is not complete without a ride someplace. Once in the car he typically asks to go to the library or church.  But in the end he doesn't care if all you do is drive him around the block. Funny, because he cried and cried in cars for the longest time.

Oh and his latest saying: Wait a minute second.

Love you baby!!  Happy three and a half years!!


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